Criminal Intelligence Training

In recent years, the importance of information sharing among the nation’s law enforcement agencies has come to the forefront, particularly regarding criminal intelligence. The trainings offered present an opportunity to explore the nuances of the 28 Code of Federal Regulations Part 23 (28 CFR Part 23), which is considered the national standard for criminal intelligence information under the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan.


Criminal Intelligence Sharing

What is 28 CFR Part 23?

28 CFR Part 23 is a guideline for law enforcement agencies that operate federally funded multijurisdictional criminal intelligence systems. The operating principles of 28 CFR Part 23 provide guidance to law enforcement regarding how to operate criminal intelligence information systems effectively while safeguarding privacy and civil liberties. The regulation helps protect an individual’s privacy and constitutional rights during the collection, storage, and dissemination of criminal intelligence information.


Criminal Intelligence Systems Operating Policies

Criminal Intelligence Systems Operating Policies (28 CFR Part 23)

The Criminal Intelligence Systems Operating Policies (28 CFR Part 23) training is an introductory-level training on the regulation’s core principles that provides an understanding of privacy and civil liberties concerns related to criminal intelligence information sharing. The 28 CFR Part 23 training is available online at and in a classroom setting. Technical assistance is available to agencies requesting assistance with compliance and policy review.


Anti-Gang Initiatives

Criminal Intelligence Sharing: Protecting Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties Training

This one-day training is designed to enhance the sharing of information by presenting effective information sharing tools and addressing the importance of privacy and civil liberties. An overview of 28 CFR Part 23 is provided, along with other topics, including the fundamentals of privacy and national information sharing trends.

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Training and Technical Assistance

Online training is available for agencies concerned with protecting privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties or to learn how to comply with the 28 CFR Part 23 guidelines.
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Practical technical assistance is available at no cost to law enforcement agencies.
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